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50 lat Edik


Na stanie (może być zamówiony)



Published 2007 by PC-Best

The book is dedicated to Edward Burzyński and was published on the occasion of his 50th birthday. It includes articles, games’ analysis, more than 100 draughts exercises, results, statistics, lots of photos and, additionaly, a work of another well-known Pole from Lithuania – poem “Draughts” by Adam Mickewicz.
List of authors includes grandmasters: T. Sijbrands, Z. Golubiewa, A. Baljakin, A. Czyżow, A. Getmański, A. Georgiew, A. Domczew, A. Szwarcman, first coaches of Edward Burzyński: G.Leibowicz and J. Szaus, and others. It is not only great read, but also very valuable study material.
A must-read for every draughts lover.

104 pages
format: B5
ISBN 978-83-924787-2-0